Bananas in the Process of Serotonin Enhancement

If you trust numerous recommendations and sources on the Internet, bananas are a miraculous cure for the majority of conditions, including anxiety, depression and others. Theoretically, bananas include serotonin, so their consumption should advance the level of serotonin within the organism, triggering considerable relief of depression symptoms.

What Is Serotonin?

Generally, serotonin is defined as a chemical found in the human body. The substance is responsible for carrying signals between the nerves (neurotransmitter).

Higher serotonin concentration can be found in the brain, blood platelets and bowels. The component is considered to be ultimately active in transmitting impulses within the nerve cells, constricting smooth muscles, managing cyclic body processes and influencing person’s happiness.

Besides, certain investigations prove serotonin to be a chemical, which influences the mood, the lack of which triggers the signs of depression. Initially, serotonin is classified as a serum agent, which interferes with the vascular tone. Serotonin occurs naturally within the intestines and brain, and its vast majority can be found in the gastrointestinal tract. Besides, it can be found within the central nervous system and blood platelets. Since serotonin is found all around the body, it is thought to influence the diversity of psychological and body functions.

Bananas and Serotonin Level

Even though bananas really contain serotonin, it cannot cross the brain-blood barrier. It means that, in fact, bananas cannot increase your brain serotonin level, as the necessary substance is not able to get inside. Consequently, if is unable to get inside your brain, it is unable to relieve depression.

However, eating bananas is not fully useless in depression treatment. Despite bananas cannot enhance the serotonin level, they can influence the condition through high concentration of vitamin B6. The vitamin taken as an active part in the ability of your body to synthesize serotonin, thus, eating bananas can advance the body’s production of natural serotonin.

Apart from bananas, there are several other sources of vitamin B6, which include:

• Fortified cereals;
• Fish;
• Potatoes, as well as other starchy vegetables;
• Beef liver;
• Fruit.