Mental Health: What Is It?

For many people, it’s much easier to define mental conditions than mental health. Recently, it was realized that mental health is something more than just absence of mental conditions.

In the US, there is one organization responsible for defining all mental disorders. Although most people don’t have any diagnosable mental conditions, it’s quite obvious that some of them are mentally healthier than others. There are some interesting ideas that are put forward by people to define and characterize mental health.

Ability to Enjoy Life

This ability is important for having excellent mental health. According to experts, the main secret of life is an ability to enjoy the time passing. You can use a number of techniques and tools to cultivate your ability to enjoy the present, including the practice of your mindfulness medication. All people must plan their future on a regular basis, but they all need to learn from their past experiences. Most of them often make themselves miserable today by keep worrying about their future. Different life metaphors are the factors necessary to let you enjoy your life.


The right balance in life is proven to lead to better mental health. All people need to balance their time spent alone and socially. If you spend a lot of your time, you can be called a loner who loses many important social skills. Your extreme social isolation may lead to splitting with the reality. People who ignore the need for their solitary times also face certain risks, including this dangerous split. Balancing these basic needs is the main key to success, but all people balance them in different ways. There are other areas where the right balance is also important, including balancing play and work, wakefulness and sleep, exercise and rest, time spent outdoors and indoors and so on.


The ability of people to bounce back from adversity is widely known as resilience. It’s a proven and tested fact that some people can handle stress much better than others. For example, you should ask yourself why some Vietnam War veterans are handicapped for life, while the rest became senators in the US. Try to determine why some adult people who were raised in alcoholic and poor families succeed in their lives, while others have to face ongoing life problems. The main characteristic of their resilience is shared by all people who can cope well with regular stress.


You should know that there are people who surpass their potential, while others don’t for different reasons. First of all, it’s necessary to recognize the gifts that you have, and this important process of recognition is a part of your path towards self-actualization. People who are mentally healthy are in the process of actualizing their gifts and potential. You need to feel 100% secure to achieve this goal.


You should be familiar with those people who have quite rigid opinions. There are no arguments or discussion that can change their opinions and those people set themselves up for extra stress by their rigid expectations. You need to work on making your personal expectations more flexible, because this technique can help you improve your mental health. It’s true that emotional flexibility is just as essential as the cognitive one. People who are mentally healthy experience a variety of emotions, and they let themselves express all of them. Unfortunately, some people limit certain feelings only because they find them unacceptable. This emotional rigidity may cause different mental health issues.

These are only several basic concepts that play a big role in defining mental health. It’s also important to form normal and healthy relationships with other people. Your ability to deal with death and losses is significant, too.