Natural remedies relieve menopausal symptoms

With Menopausal increasingly of the natural treatment methods. As an alternative to synthetic hormones herbal products are therapeutically effective and at the same side effects. There are now many natural remedies before convincing scientific studies. They show that the plant preparations used in natural medicine for years for menopausal symptoms are not only about placebo effects, but traditional medicines can successfully replace in many cases.

To bring the hormones back in balance, can indeed make use of hormone replacement therapy in an extreme emergency, from a long-term use over many years, however even now discouraged by many orthodox medical practitioners.

Long-term studies have shown that hormone therapy in the treatment of menopause sbeschwerden may pose an increased breast and uterine cancer risk.

Moreover thromboembolism include the major side effects of conventional medicine hormone replacement therapy, the results of such. B. Women’s Health Initiative confirm.

So it is extremely useful at menopause symptoms to look for acceptable alternatives.

The black cohosh is native to North America and Canada, and has long been used by the natives living there as a medicinal herb for menopausal symptoms and gynecological diseases.

The special feature of the black cohosh is that you rootstock contains estrogen-like plant hormones.

The black cohosh thus acts like estrogen, which means that the ingredients of a medicinal plant are chemically Although structured differently than estrogens, but can bind to estrogen receptors and thereby exercise a estrogen-like effect.

The estrogen-like effect is, however, clearly weaker than that of the true estrogens, so that no side effect risk.

The black cohosh exercise on the female hormone metabolism from a regulatory effect and thus serves as a gentle assistance with the typical estrogen deficiency symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, anxiety and mood swings – what could be proved by means of a placebo-controlled double-blind study of the years 2011/2012 also.

This study included 84 women participated with menopausal symptoms. For eight weeks, participants received one tablet per day.

From St. John’s wort in natural medicine extracts or St. John’s Wort oil can be used. Extracts come to the sentiment in question as well as for mild to moderate depression.

During menopause often emerge mood swings, so that here the St. John’s wort may be an effective agents.

In a clinical study of the health center in Isfahan Iran was to investigate the efficacy of this for menopausal symptoms. The International Journal of Biomedical Science published 2010, the results of said study.

One treatment group of 30 women received a St. John’s wort preparation over a period of three to six weeks. After just three weeks, a significant decrease of insomnia, depression, anger and headache, which had previously occurred more frequently among subjects in their menopause.

Therefore, St. John’s wort is considered as a good alternative to synthetic hormone replacement therapy, when it comes to the human psyche problems mentioned earlier.

During menopause not only estrogen levels decrease. Also, the progesterone level drops off and on.

In particular the latter to raise something and mitigate in related symptoms, the suitable Chasteberry (Vitex Agnus Castus) or also called chaste tree.

It lowers prolactin, progesterone raises the level and doing, stimulating the body’s own estrogen production again slightly.

Thus, the plant has a regulating effect on the irritated hormone balance – and while it appears that in even in the form of essential oils, as a study from 2003 showed the International Journal of Aromatherapy has been published.

Especially in times of hormonal changes, women feel underpowered and energized. The Maca root is considered Power tuber, which is to increase the overall capacity and provide you with strength and endurance.2000 years ago the miracle cure was cultivated in the Peruvian Andes and appreciated as strengthening food. The Super Food of the South American Inca comes in natural medicine for potency and libido weakness for use and is also used for menopausal symptoms.

The International Journal of Biomedical Science in 2005 published a clinical placebo-controlled study was conducted with 20 women over a period of nine months.

At baseline, the hormone levels of women was found in the blood. Another hormone levels was determined after a month in which the participants had taken a placebo drug.

After two to eight months, taking 2 grams of Maca root powder in the form of two capsules was performed by 500 mg twice daily. Again, the hormone levels of women was determined in the blood.

Compared to the placebo preparations a significant change in hormone production was at the taking of Macapulvers found and contributed to the improvement of well-being during menopause in. Although herbal medicines versus synthetic drugs are fewer side effects, they should of course still not be taken arbitrarily.

For here, overdoses or interactions may occur with other preparations.

For this reason, an herbal treatment for menopausal symptoms should always be discussed with a doctor or a naturopathic holistic experienced therapists.

The Academy of Naturopathy makes people like you in 12 to 18 months from the consultant for holistic health. If you want to know more about the studies at the Academy of Naturopathy, then find out here all the details as well as feedback from current and former participants.