How to Whiten Dark Knees at Home

How to Whiten Dark Knees at Home – How to Get Rid of Dark Knees? Before going to a beauty clinic to whiten dark knees, you can do own treatment at home with natural ingredients.

Skin Lightening Treatment for Dark Knees

In addition to the armpit, one body part that looks darker is the knees. In the knees there folds small and often exposed to friction so that the skin is rougher on the knees. In addition, buildup of dead skin and dirt also make the skin knees darker.

Dark knees can interfere with the overall performance, especially when you using hot pants, mini dress or mini skirt.

There are several ways to deal with dark knees problems, ranging from exercise to the knees, using a beauty product to smooth the skin, treatment with natural ingredients to the plastic surgery.

Skin Treatment to Prevent Dark Knees

Before you make a treatment for your dark knees, try to prevent from dark knees problem.

Keeping the skin clean

Each bath, make sure you also clean the folds of the knees. Folds are prone to dirt and sweat that can cause dark knees. In addition, the buildup of dead skin cells as well can darken the knees. Moisten your knees with a special body lotion for dry skin every day.

Avoid friction on the knees

Do you like to wear pants below the knees? You should be more careful. Pants that rub with knees will make knees darker. Also avoid prolonged knees or rubbing knees on the rough surface.

How to Whiten Dark Knees at Home

If you already have a dark knees, there are natural treatments to get rid of dark knees. And here are tips to whiten the dark knees that you can do at home:

1. Scrub for exfoliation

Dark knees can be caused by a buildup of dead skin cells, so that needed peeling dead skin. You can try a body scrub to remove dirt and dead skin. Exfoliate can by scrubbing with a loofah scrub. Do it regularly, once in two days for get a smooth skin.

2. Humidify

Dark knees caused by dry skin. Therefore, keep the knees skin moisture with skin moisturizing products. Use a moisturizer containing sea butter or retinoid. By dermatological, retinoid can fight wrinkles and smooth rough skin.

3. Olive oil

There are easy ways to overcome the dark knees problems, namely by applying olive oil before sleep. Olive oil is a natural treatment that can smooth the skin.

4. Avocado Skin

In addition to olive oil, avocados can also be used for the treatment of dark knees. Avocados contain vitamins A, C and E, iron, potassium, niacin, and a good pantotenik acid to maintain the beauty skin. The trick is, rub the inside of the avocado skin to the knees.

5. Cleanser of lemons

Lemon can help gets rid of dead skin cells on the knees. The trick is, cut a lemon into two and rubs it on your knees. Let the water soak in the lemon skin your knees for 15 minutes, then clean using a warm towel. Lemon juice is acidic, can naturally lighten the skin.

Okay, that’s tips to whiten dark knees at home. Once you get beautiful knees, you are now ready to use mini skirt or hot pants!